Ken Hensley - A Glimpse Of Glory

Following a period of hiatus, the long awaited return to the studio resulted in this classic album, recorded in 1999 with the band Visible Faith.

Somewhat a departure from the style of Ken's older solo work, the album had an interesting mixture of Gospel and rock.

Unfortunately the album is extremely hard to find these days, for those looking to buy a copy. Production ceased a few years ago and has yet to recommence.

Track List

1. It's Up To You
2. Moving In
3. One Tender Moment
4. Guard Your Heart
5. Shakey Ground
6. Think Twice
7. Get A Line
8. Believe In Me
9. Win Or Lose
10. The Cost Of Loving
11. The Return
12. The Joy Of Knowing Jesus

Album Players

Ken Hensley - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Danny Liston - Guest Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Pat Liston - Guest Lead Vocals

Jerry Hamm - Acoustic Guitar

Rich McDonough - Slide Guitar

Steve Nelson & J. Hayes - Guitar

David Karns & Hunter Joseph Sprenger - Bass Guitar

Mike Johnson & Preston Vaden - Drums

Betsy Bircher, Julie Moreno & "Something Special" of St. Louis - Backing Vocals

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