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    Tour Diaries

    Ken currently tours worldwide
    and has some very funny stories from his adventures.

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  • ken playing the hammond b3 organ

    Ken has been making music since 1963

    He's recorded more than 54 records.
    And is a bit of a legend.

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  • trouble album cover

    Ken Hensley & Live Fire

    Trouble is not only Ken's third record fronting the band Live Fire, but now one of over 50 albums Ken Hensley has recorded or featured on!

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  • live album cover

    Ken Henlsey & Live Fire

    Produced by Ken himself, "LIVE” captures Ken Hensley & Live Fire on their 2012 European tour at dates in Switzerland and Germany whilst promoting "Faster”.

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  • live tales album cover

    Ken Henlsey

    A brand new unreleased live recording by the legendary Ken Hensley, including songs from his Uriah Heep days as well as from his successful solo career.

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  • love and other mysteries album cover

    Ken Henlsey

    Love and Other Mysteries is the result of three years spent in the studio, crafting an intensely personal album.

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Latest News

  • ken avatar home

    Hi everyone!

    Well, it´s almost June, the year is flying by already and I have a lot to do!

    After spending the first 2 months of 2015 recovering from a nasty lung infection, I feel great now and I am looking forward to all the projects ahead.

    While I was confined to home, I spent most of my time writing and I have a lot of new songs ready for a new CD, which we are planning to record in January 2016. As usual, it will be a very different record and I am excited (and a little bit amused .... you´ll see!) to think how these songs will come out after Live Fire and me kick them around in the studio!

    Ben will be posting new tour dates soon and (this is for my UK friends and fans) we are looking at a solo tour in the UK later this year!

    It´s been a really long time since I played the UK and I have never played a solo show there so maybe this is something you all would enjoy?

    Let me know what you think please! Write to me here or tweet if you prefer. And of course, there´s Facebook.

    For now though, my touring plans take me to Germany (Live shows with Live Fire and a big TV show that I am really looking forward to), Bulgaria, Norway and Russia, among others so stay tuned here for info and updates.

    Steve and I are planning a busy 2016 that will take me to a lot of places I haven´t been for a long time so I hope to see YOU somewhere and before very much longer.


    Ken <><
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    Web Shop Sale!

    Ken has donated some special things to Esperanza Street to help them raise the money needed for new stables for the growing flock of sheep and goats and a new home for the chickens. These very special items are for sale through the shop, here on his web site so go there now and move quickly as these things will sell quickly!!

    Anyone wishing to buy can do so securely through the Bog Max Productions page at Paypal. Anyone with a question can write to Miguel at bigmaxproductions@yahoo.com

    Ken <><
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    Happy New Year everyone!

    New Tour Dates coming soon! Lots of new shows coming for 2015! It's going to be (another) busy year!

    Ken <><
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    Trouble - Bootlegs (beware!)

    It has come to our attention that Bootlegs of Trouble are being offered as legitimate copies on some sites (e-bay Hungary and others) that are not official versions of the album and are of very poor quality. Please make sure if you are buying Trouble that's from licensed distributors, you can check this with Ken's label Cherry Red Records

    Ken <><

New Shows!

Ken's been busy flying all over the world this year, and he's not stopping now! There's plenty of shows still to go before the end of the year! So jump over to the Tour page and see where he's headed next!


Alhambra Guitars

In concert, Ken Hensley plays Alhambra steel-string acoustic guitars exclusively.
Want to know more? Visit their website.

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