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  • trouble album cover

    Ken Hensley & Live Fire

    Trouble is not only Ken's third record fronting the band Live Fire, but now one of over 50 albums Ken Hensley has recorded or featured on!

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  • live album cover

    Ken Henlsey & Live Fire

    Produced by Ken himself, "LIVE” captures Ken Hensley & Live Fire on their 2012 European tour at dates in Switzerland and Germany whilst promoting "Faster”.

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  • live tales album cover

    Ken Henlsey

    A brand new unreleased live recording by the legendary Ken Hensley, including songs from his Uriah Heep days as well as from his successful solo career.

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  • love and other mysteries album cover

    Ken Henlsey

    Love and Other Mysteries is the result of three years spent in the studio, crafting an intensely personal album.

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  • ken avatar home
    New Gig in St. Petersburg, Russia!
    Ken <><
  • ken avatar home
    New Gig in Novokuznetsk, Russia!

    I am very excited to announce that I will be playing an outdoor show in Novokuznetsk with Live Fire on 7th July this year,
    to celebrate the 400 year birthday of the City.
    To all my fans and friends in Russia I look forward to seeing you there, hope you can make it!
    God bless
    Ken <><
  • ken avatar home
    What a great way to start 2018!!
    Every new year is exciting to me, bringing new challenges and opportunities but this one is really special because I can share it with you.
    My new CD, "Rare & Timeless" is released on March 30th by BMG Records, but you can pre-order it now from Pledge Music - just click here!
    It has 15 songs that cover my career from 1970 to now, including some re-records, re-mixes and Two Brand New Songs! Hand-written lyrics, notes and credits, as well as some rare photos from my personal files!
    And, at the Pledge Music page, you can also grab a chance to join me at the release party on february 26th at the hospital club in london, where i will play my acoustic solo show! There are only limited spaces available so you´d better jump if you want to be a part of this very special event. I would love to see you there and, of course, during my show, I will be playing some of the songs on the CD, plus others and I will be sharing this moment with some very special people who also helped to make this happen all those years ago.
    Of course, we have lots of other stuff planned for 2018, but let´s get together now and kick things off in a big way!
    God bless
    Ken <><
  • ken avatar home
    Hi Everyone!
    I know ... I´ve been quiet here for a while, but that's only because I have been so crazy busy!! In the music business/industry, conventional "wisdom" (and, in the context of the so-called music industry, I use the word "wisdom" very selectively!) says I should have slowed down years ago.
    I say ... "why?" I love what I do and I especially love that other people (like all of you) love what I do and, even if my passion for what I do wasn´t enough to keep me doing it (which it is), you all would give me a million good reasons for doing it.
    Having just celebrated my 72nd birthday, I humbly reflect on how much I have accomplished in my personal and professional lives and I rejoice and give thanks that I am still able to write, play and sing.
    My career once gave me riches I couldn´t understand or manage. Now I have the real richness of a great wife, a great family and a wonderful ¨sub-family¨ of fans and friends all over the world and this means more to me than any amount of wordly riches!
    So, as long as you want me there and as long as God gives me my health and strength, I will be there! Not for ¨them¨, not for the money and certainly not for the fame.
    God bless you all
    Ken <><
  • ken avatar home
    This is going to be such a great moment in my career and and a piece of rock & roll history!
    Me and Live Fire will be Alice´s band for one night only and to be on stage together with him is going to be amazing ... at least for me!!
    ken and alice cooper poster Ken <><

Alhambra Guitars

In concert, Ken Hensley plays Alhambra steel-string acoustic guitars exclusively.
Want to know more? Visit their website.

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